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The dreaded “bio”. 

I have literally been wrestling with and against these 3 letters for months. 

Literally months.

How do I, a tattooed nomad and wanna-be-revolutionist, sum up my coffee pilgrimage in a few measly sentences? You see, I have been drinking coffee from my early teens without ever considering taste or flavour. The only words that I had bouncing around my brain regarding coffee were “strong and dark.” It was a cup of habit. But that changed.  

It changed with a single flat white coffee from Espresso Workshop in Auckland in 2010 with some of my most cherished friends. A cup of coffee that changed the entire way I approached every cup of coffee from that day on.

For me, my morning coffee has less to do with need and more to do with appreciation. I started to make it personal and therapeutic. An approach that I haven’t strayed from. In fact, as a roaster, it has only intensified.

“Aw mate, aren’t you taking this coffee thing a bit seriously?”

Yes. Yes I am.

The bean I choose. The method I brew. The cup I drink from.

I don't rush it. Because I don't need my morning coffee, I look forward to it. Savouring every mouthful instead of downing it out of necessity.

The task I've set before me is a noble one: To roast ethically-sourced, single origin coffee that you will enjoy in a way you didn't expect. To provide a well-deserved break from the excessive noise of life.

A moment of calm before the kids wake up.

A moment of peace before the day's tasks begin.

A well-deserved reprieve after a long day at work or a long sleepless night.

Pilgrim represents the people I love and the places that have defined me. It represents my desire to push past the certain and to wrestle with the unknown. I roast coffee because I love sharing my passion with all of you.

Every roast and every cup.

But most importantly, I roast coffee because I love coffee.

And I am humbled that I get to share it with you.  

Nutty, smooth, fruity and bold. 

With a healthy dose of the unexpected.

 Thank you for trusting us with your morning cup.