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cocoa | biscuit | creamy

suitable for pour over, drip

Honduras Marel Pena El Tontolo Organic

Located in Ocotepeque, Honduras, Cocafelol is a cooperative with over 300 members. They place great important on coffee quality, as well as help leaders compete in the globalized market, in turn working towards achieving self-sustainability of participating farmers and families. This cooperative is strict with their organic techniques and takes into consideration climate variability and effects on the environment.
Marel inherited this land and the farm from his ancestors. It was baptized with the name El Tontolo, representing the trees that grew around the farm alongside sugarcane and other crops. Marel’s parents made a decision to plant coffee on the land and have been producing great coffee ever since. Despite the environmental difficulties with production and their share of good and bad years, the Pena family continue to grow coffee with perseverence and dedication. Marel wrote us to say that coffee is their absolute passion and the sustenance of their family. This coffee is love and hugs in a cup.


Farmer | El Tontolo

Region | West Copan, Ocotepeque

Varietal | Catuai, Pacas

Processing | Washed

Altitude | 1600 masl